38 people die of strange disease

In Abuja

The residents of a slum settlement in the Abuja Municipal Area Council, Saburi 1, claim that 38 people died suddenly after complaining of headache and fever.

The Daily Sun also reports that a 14 year old girl, Mariam Mustapha died at the weekend after complaining of the same symptoms.

Reports say Ms Salome Maikalfi, a nurse who spoke about the incidents, said it is a spiritual matter.

Some resident of the area also claim the spirit of the land is angry because the burial ground in the community was sold to individuals who want to build private properties on them.

The nurse said “What we hear is that somebody will complain of headache; they will go to a local drug dealer and buy medicine. None of them went to the hospital, but, before you knew it, the person would die within two days.

“Most of the victims were said to have complained of seeing strange light rays or objects they could not de-scribe in the night before dying.”

The Dankaci Saburi 1, Alhaji Muhammad Yamwawo also confirmed news of the deaths, and called on the government to establish a health care centre in the area.

Another resident of the area, Blessing Sunday said “They(FCT officials) came here two times in February, and, till now no result. We didn’t hear anything from anybody. I can’t tell whether anybody cares about us again; you can see that the population of the community has reduced, many people have left, those of us remaining are in fear of what will happen next.”’

Meanwhile, the FCT Minister, Muhammad Sani Bello said Abuja is over-populated, adding that it was designed to accommodate only one million people.


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